Mar 22 2012

The Brain Evolution System

Can YOU imagine a simple self-development tool…

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The Brain Evolution System is a powerful, six-CD audio program for helping you MASTER your BRAIN – by literally CHANGING your BRAINWAVES.

It works by using special sounds to influence your brainwave patterns, helping to positively change your mood, your focus, your stress levels, your confidence – and MUCH MORE!

You’ll find yourself enjoying LIMITLESS ENERGY and MOTIVATION. Your emotional baggage will simply DISAPPEAR. Your relationships will IMPROVE. Your confidence will SOAR. You’ll experience more CREATIVE RUSHES. You’ll become IMMUNE to worries and tension.

And all because you spend JUST 30 MINUTES listening to a simple audio recording.

Would you like to learn more about what’s being called “the most powerful self-development technology on earth” … ?

I am able to offer you a special discount; the first 5 people the click on this link will be able to purchase the whole Brain Evolution System for only $100.

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Apr 8 2011

Fire poi videos from the Springfield Mardi Gras celebration. It was DAMN cold but it still was fun!

Mar 3 2011

Mardi Gras and Fire Poi

This weekend is the celebration of Mardi Gras! I will be on C-Street at the Mardi Gras party from 6-8pm doing Fire Poi. Come on by and put a dollar in my hat!

Mardi Gras on C-Street

Feb 15 2011

New items in the store!

There are new items in the Rhysma store!

Have you ever wanted to celebrate the joy of the Internet cloud? Now you can with my new Yay Cloud! t-shirt

Do you love the Ninjaneer t-shirts? Check out the latest design!

Ever wonder how software is made? Based off of a humorous design diagram and a local programming firm, this shirt will make your nerd’s day!

Jan 19 2011

New Semester

A new semester has started and here is to hoping this one goes better than the last! I have a lot of sections this semester as well as taking another graduate class of my own. Always busy!

My Poi class is over for the moment and I am looking for students that want to start another beginner class as well as students that know a little already and want to start at an intermediate level with the group that just finished. Red Moon Studio has been so great about renting their space and accommodating with schedules.

I will be at the Commercial Street Mardi Gras festival on March 5 doing fire poi if anyone wants to come out and see how it’s done!

Dec 6 2010

Poi Videos!

I did some demos to promote my poi class at the Red Moon Studio. Here are videos from the demos!

Poi Video

Poi Video 2

Nov 12 2010

Progress with BrainEv

After using the program for going on three months now I am extremely happy with the progress I have made. I am less prone to irritability and stress and I have found that it is easier to keep my cool under pressure. There were some sleepless nights in the beginning as my brain adjusted but now I am getting a deeper kind of rest I haven’t been able to achieve before. I am really looking forward to what the program has in store for me.

Oct 26 2010

Object Independant Serialization C#.NET

Creating and storing serialized objects in a database is a fairly easy task.  However, the problem comes when you have created serialized objects with one application (or version of an application) and want to deserialize and use them with another.  Usually the error that you get is:

Unable to find assembly 'MyAssembly; Version=1.0.3463.18923;
Culture=neutral; PublicKeyToken=40e3171cc8066fe6'.


Well the issue here is the objects that have been Serialized have a formatter transmits the information required to create an instance of an object of the correct type and version. This information generally includes the full type name and assembly name of the object. The assembly name includes the name, version, and strong name hash of the assembly.  What this ultimately means is that your serialized object data is now tied to the assembly and version that created it.

By default the deserialization process uses this formatter information to recreate the object as the correct type.  What we can do is override what the serialized object says and provide our own assembly information so that we can open our objects in another application.

First what we need is to create some add-ons for the SerializationBinder class that is part of System.Runtime.Serialization

sealed class SerializationHelper :
public override Type BindToType(string assemblyName, string typeName)

What the SerializationBinder class does is allow us to setup the assembly information and find the current object type that we want to deserialize as in this application, as opposed to the one it was created it.

First thing, we create an object of Type to hold the object type that we want to deserialize as

Type typeToDeserialize = null;

The biggest problem I ran into is the way that System.Reflection.Assembly returns assembly information. We can get the full name of the assembly like so

string currentAssembly = Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().FullName;

Which gives us the fully qualified name of the current assembly, version and culture information. But we don’t need all that.

// In this case we are always using the current assembly
assemblyName = currentAssembly;

int index = typeName.IndexOf('.');
string obj = typeName.Substring(index+1);

index = currentAssembly.IndexOf(',');
currentAssembly = currentAssembly.Substring(0, index);

string objType = currentAssembly + "." + obj;

So here we use a little string magic to extract just the assembly name and just the object name so that we can concatenate them together into a fully qualified object name that GetType() will understand.

// Get the type using the typeName and assemblyName
typeToDeserialize = Type.GetType(objType);

This will return the CLR loaded manifest information on the object that matches the AssemblyName.Objectname that we provided to GetType. We can then return this information.

return typeToDeserialize;

Ultimately, to make sure that your deserialization process will use this new binding formatter you need to create your binary format binder as a new instance of our SerializationHelper class.

BinaryFormatter myFormat = new BinaryFormatter();

//set up a new binder so that we can maintain assembly freedom between
//serialized objects
myFormat.Binder = new SerializationHelper();

This way, when the myFormat.Deserialize() is called, the SerializationHelper class and our new overriden method will fire, causing the assembly information to be changed to the current running assembly, allowing you to deserialize objects that your current application (or version of the same application) did not create.

Oct 25 2010

Haunted House

So I am starting to think that my new house is haunted.  Creepy noises, unexplained occurances, icky feelings like you’re being watched.  Yea, this place is weirding me out.

The other day I could’ve sworn someone said my name while I was up in my closet.  It was a woman’s voice and it is really clear, like someone was calling my name down in the garden or driveway.  I pulled back the curtain to see if someone was out there but, of course, no one was.  Super creepy.

This morning when I got out of bed I came out into the hallway to go to the bathroom I heard a noise downstairs.  It sounded like a piece of silverware hitting something else in the sink.  A “clang” noise that shouldn’t have happened.  I would’ve thought the cat was on the counter if she hadn’t been in the bedroom with me just a minute before.  When I went downstairs to check out the kitchen I didn’t find anything amiss…

Can ghosts read what I put on the internet?  That creeps me out just thinking about it…

Oct 15 2010

Level 2

So after my first month with Level 1 I was ready to move on to Level 2.  The water sounds in Level 1 may be soothing but it was getting a little old.

The good news is that I feel awesome.   I am sleeping good, anxiety is at a minimum, I have a ton of energy and I feel pretty relaxed.  It is kind of odd when you think about it…BrainEv seems to be giving me the ability to switch gears when I need to.  If it’s “get up and go time” then I can do that, if it’s “I have a moment to relax time” I can do that too.

All and all, things are working out!