Apr 8 2011

Fire poi videos from the Springfield Mardi Gras celebration. It was DAMN cold but it still was fun!

Mar 3 2011

Mardi Gras and Fire Poi

This weekend is the celebration of Mardi Gras! I will be on C-Street at the Mardi Gras party from 6-8pm doing Fire Poi. Come on by and put a dollar in my hat!

Mardi Gras on C-Street

Feb 15 2011

New items in the store!

There are new items in the Rhysma store!

Have you ever wanted to celebrate the joy of the Internet cloud? Now you can with my new Yay Cloud! t-shirt

Do you love the Ninjaneer t-shirts? Check out the latest design!

Ever wonder how software is made? Based off of a humorous design diagram and a local programming firm, this shirt will make your nerd’s day!

Sep 14 2010

New item in the Rhysma Store!

In honor of one of my students, who makes really funny mistakes when programming, I have created this t-shirt:

Which you can get in the Rhysma.com Store!

Sep 11 2010

I <3 Robots

I have received my new Scooba 330 robot from iRobot!  The Scooba robot is a floor vac and mop robot that runs around your house making it clean and smelling pretty.  This is especially nice since my new house is all tile and wood.  I hate carpet, especially with pets.

So far I really like my Scooba.  I was able to run it through the kitchen, living room and dining room on one tank and then fill it back up and take it to the basement on another tank.  All on one battery charge.

I’ve had a Roomba 530 for awhile and I really like it since it cleans up pet hair from the dog and cat and keeps the pathways in the house from getting icky with tracked in dirt.  Usually I run it every day.  Now I just need one more robot and I’ll have one for each floor and won’t have to move them around!

Sep 10 2010

Welcome aboard

Well, after the catastrophic failure of my old site and my inability to save it, I am starting over.  Welcome to the new RhysmaBlog!  I am importing in what I can from my archives but unfortunately a lot of good content was lost.  I guess that means I get to write more, eh?

Sep 3 2010


Finally the new box-spring for my mattress is here.  As you know, the new place we have moved into has the bedrooms on the second floor and the stairway is too narrow for a queen sized box-spring to go up it.  I had to order a split queen box-spring from Sears and it has taken THREE WEEKS to arrive.  Ridiculous.  Anyway, for the time being we have been sleeping on the mattress on the floor, which is terrible.  There is no support and I have found a spider in my bed TWICE.

Finally my box-spring has arrived but it is very firm compared to my old one and I am not sleeping good.  This is making for a very grumpy girl.

Sep 1 2010

Fire Poi – A Video!

So awhile back I made a Poi video and put it up on Google Vids.  Here it is!